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Meet the Space Canvas Astrophotographer

This online store is dedicated to my hobby/professional photography of space printed on metal canvas of multiple sizes for sale to anyone. All of these are taken by me personally.

All prints done on High Gloss Floating (1/2 in off wall) Metal Canvas Print with metal hangers.


My rig consists of an actively cooled specialized monochrome camera, LRGB and Narrowband filters, on a Celestron 8" scope on top of an Equatorial guided mount. In practice of this field for six years, I visit dark sites and take images when weather allows from my backyard. The average image takes around 20 hours to capture, and another 5 to 10 hours to integrate and process.

I offer a variety of space categories such as Nebula, Galaxies, Black and White Space, and Planetary images all taken on my own. Thank you for choosing My Site for all your space photography needs!

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